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Jansal Valley Olive Oil
  • Jansal Valley Olive Oil

    The only olive oil we use in cooking...

    Jansal Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from non-GMO 100% Arbequina olives. These tiny, flavorful fruits have been grown for centuries along the French border of Spain. Each season, the olives are carefully hand-harvested from family-owned farms at 32° F, when they have slightly aged on the vine to perfection.


    The cold pressing yields an extra virgin oil that is naturally low in acidity and has spectacular depth of flavor, bursting with fruity spice. The oil takes on the flavors of the fruits and vegetables grown in the same region with notes of citrus, artichoke, tomatoes, and garlic. It also exhibits a higher smoking point than most, perfect for grilling, sautéing, or just drizzling over your favorite dishes. Smooth on the tongue and palate, this wonderful taste sensation also boasts an earthy green color reminiscent of Catalonia itself.


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