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Thanksgiving Dinner

~ Manufactured in facility that uses eggs, tree nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, and soy ~

Please Note

Minimum order
value $75.00

Order by 8pm Tuesday, June 18 for 6/21 - 6/24 deliveries

Salvadoran Breakfast Cakes

Salvadoran Breakfast Cakes

6 Cheezy goodness baked in a yummy savory-sweet mini cake or 'Quesadillas' as they are called.

Here is a blast from the past!  This is one of our most popular items from a few years ago and somehow I forgot about them.... those of you that have been with us forever will remember....if you are new, please try them!


Think cheesy poundcake. Think happy mornings, popping a few too many quesadillas in your mouth. In El Salvador they eat rich, buttery quesadillas in the morning with a big cup of coffee and I suggest you do the same. Addicting!

  • Ingredients

    Flour, baking powder, salt, Cotija cheese, butter, eggs, sour cream.


ALL prepared food items made in USA — excluding some items from Stock the Pantry section.

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